Electrification of the Chemical Industry


VoltaChem works on RD&I related to the use of electricity for direct chemical transformations via hydrogen. This line looks at the production of hydrogen as well as further reactions (e.g. methanol, ammonia, formic acid). The main challenges that are addressed are the development of low-cost electrolyzers, low cost manufacturing and engineering, flexibility (e.g. load following, start-up/shutdown) and selection of financially attractive follow-up conversions.

Outlook VoltaChem's program line Power-2-Hydrogen

The figure above illustrates the implementation outlook of VoltaChem’s Power-2-Hydrogen program line. VoltaChem aims to address the key barriers to implementation of production of chemicals via electrochemical hydrogen. Objectives are to:

  • decrease the costs of electrolyzers;
  • demonstrate the robustness of new electrolyzer concepts, and
  • demonstrate the techno-economic feasibility of new production routes via electrochemical hydrogen for the production of bulk chemicals and fuels.

In the current projects, VoltaChem is focused on new electrolyzer concepts enabling use of mass fabrication technologies (e.g. role-to-role manufacturing), developing accelerated methods to determine lifetime and identifying options for demonstration projects for and with the chemical industry. We aim to translate the earlier obtained knowledge into scalable process & manufacturing technology and to invest in facilities for lifetime testing and pilot demonstration.

Power-2-Hydrogen focuses on:

  1. Use of renewable electricity as energy source for direct chemical transformations via hydrogen, e.g. electricity from wind, solar and hydro.
  2. Use of renewable raw materials as feedstock for chemical & fuels production, e.g. water, N2 & CO2.
  3. New concepts enabling use of mass fabrication technologies (e.g. roll-to-roll manufacturing).
  4. Improving the supply chain through cooperation with component manufacturers.
  5. Identifying options for demonstration projects for and with the chemical industry.


  1. Business case development flexible industrial H2 production.
  2. Hybrid H2 production.
  3. Novel concepts for PEM electrolyzers.

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