2nd Power-to-Hydrogen Community-of-Practice meeting

03-10-2019 / 03-10-2019 | VoltaChem | ECN Petten | 12.00 to 17.00 hrs

2nd Power-to-Hydrogen Community-of-Practice meeting

On Thursday, October 3rd, VoltaChem is organizing the 2nd Power-to-Hydrogen Community of Practise meeting. Companies who are active in the field material, components or system development are invited to join this community.  

On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, VoltaChem hosted - as a new activity for its Business Community and program line Power-2-Hydrogen - the first Community-of-Practice (CoP) workshop 'Developing the supply chain for electrolyzers' at ECN∙TNO in Petten. It provided an outlook on the business opportunities for the European industry in the developing hydrogen market, and on the challenges to overcome in developing water electrolysis technology - especially regarding PEM electrolyzers. 

Save-the-date and preregistration 

Based on the positive response and outcome of this workshop, VoltaChem organizes this 2nd CoP event on October 3rd about specific electrolyzer topics and issues. Further details about the program will follow early September. If you want to join this P-2-Hydrogen CoP, preregistration is possible by showing your interest by using this form (Participation is conditional). 

Why join the Community of Practice (CoP) Power-to-Hydrogen?

VoltaChem is developing a Community of Practices for those parties who want to:

  • become an active supplier of materials or components in the future electrolysis the supply chain
  • understand the (material) challenges and state-of-the-art components
  • have access to laboratory and unique testing facilities
  • get insights into the international state of the art knowledge on electrolysis
  • understand the market, business case and market risks
  • develop a transparent joint IP strategy
  • have aces to practical methods to assess the durability of components
  • have insight in the different electrolyzer technologies (PEM, SOE, Alkaline, AEM)
  • Share R&D investments and risks
  • Access to funding, new innovations, pilot and research facilities

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our business development manager Lennart van den Burg 

Community of Practices

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are business groups with a shared interest in specific technologies. The topics are along the VoltaChem program lines, focusing on joint technology development (low TRLs, pre-competitive developments), and have strong ties to academia, without being an academic network. A CoP has unique activities tailor-made to the interests of the members involved. The CoP exists next to the regular Business Community where all members are invited. Existing community members can join CoP’s free of charge.
Participation of new companies is conditional. 


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24 mei 2019 at 17:30

Are you interested in the business opportunities of electrochemical production and in the latest technical developments of power-2-chemicals? Join our Community of Practice session on Monday, June 17th in Delft, The Netherlands! https://www.voltachem.com/agenda/workshop-opportunities-of-using-electrochemistry-in-chemical-production … via

6 mrt 2019 at 09:51

Last call! March 12th we discuss the international opportunities in the emerging market for companies. It’s about requirements, potentiality, and opportunities for product development. Wanna join? Closing date March 7th https://bit.ly/2HbBgCg 

13 jan 2019 at 19:40

Looking for new insights into Hydrogen in the industry? Lennart van den Burg, program manager Power-to-Hydrogen will ‘feed’ you with his view during this breakfast session at Jan 17th in Spijkenisse. Registration at https://bit.ly/2SLIIH8 

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