VoltaChem at EIES | Empowering a circular process industry

09-12-2020 / 09-12-2020 | Online

VoltaChem at EIES | Empowering a circular process industry

VoltaChem is organizing a breakout session on December 9th from 15.00 – 16.30 as part of the European Industry and Energy Summit (livestream Studio Rotterdam, Plant One). The topic: Empowering a circular industry
In an interactive talkshow setting an expert panel will, together with the online audience, explore key developments in industrial electrification and their impact on both the decarbonization of energy use and the use of circular feedstock in the process industry towards 2050. Together they will find answers to questions like: How can the process industry contribute to the decarbonization objectives in the climate agreement? What major developments do we see for the process industry towards 2050? 

The expert panel consisting of Gert-Jan Gruter (CTO Avantium), Ellart de Wit (CTO Hygear), Gerard van Rooij (Professor Maastricht University), Julius Smith (Head of Business Development, Ørsted) and Martijn de Graaff (Program director VoltaChem) will dive into four strategic topics of industrial electrification. They will discuss technological developments and potential bottlenecks in the transformation to a fully sustainable process industry in 2050. All with recent research results from the VoltaChem program as a starting point. And hosted by Joost Hoebink.

The topics are: 

  • Integration of electrification in the process industry to reduce GHG emissions.
  • Integration of CO2 capturing and electrochemical conversion to chemicals.
  • Mass production of electrolyzers and reduction of scarce raw materials use.
  • Upcoming Power-2-X technologies: Plasma pyrolysis of methane.

Sign up and participate for free

The VoltaChem session, like the full program of EIES 2020, can be attended free of charge. To attend the VoltaChem session, please register for EIES 2020 first. After registration you will get access to the Network App, the platform that EIES 2020 will be broadcast on. In the Network App, be sure to select the livestream from Studio Rotterdam, Plant One on December 9th at 15.00 hours. Then you will be part of the VoltaChem session. 

  • You can register for EIES via this link 
  • You can check out the full EIES program here 

Find us at the virtual Network Square         

VoltaChem will also be present at the virtual network square in the Network App. Here, you can find some more information on the VoltaChem program and get in touch with the VoltaChem team. 

European Industry and Energy Summit

The European Industry & Energy Summit 2020, Europe’s largest online event on transition in the industry and the energy sector, will take place on December 8th and 9th. The event will be broadcast via livestream from Amsterdam, Eemshaven, Rotterdam and Geleen. The livestreams can be attended free of charge. In two days more than a dozen keynotes, side events, cases and energizing talks will update you about future opportunities and threats of the energy transition and climate agreement. The central topic of EIES 2020 is: Energizing a sustainable future

More information on the EIES can be found here


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