Catalysing electrification I E2C Project Stakeholder Webinar

07-07-2020 / 07-07-2020 | Online (Microsoft Teams)

Catalysing electrification I E2C Project Stakeholder Webinar

Come join the leading researchers of the E2C "Electrons to High Value Chemical Products" project for an overview of how the partners are accelerating the implementation of Power-to-X technologies, developing enabling technologies, and establishing key infrastructure that will lead to a Power-to-X Centre of Excellence.

What to expect

  • A presentation on the expected outcomes of the project and why they are important for the regions involved by one of TNO's top scientists
  • Brief overviews of the key achievements realised so far, and the challenges currently being faced, including how the partners are looking at valorisation and implementation beyond the project
  • A Q&A session where participants will be invited to give their feedback on the strategic directions of the project and plans for a Power-to-X Centre of Excellence in the Rotterdam region, one of the main results of the E2C project

Topics to be presented

  • E2C vision, background, and aspirations for project outcomes (presented by Professor Earl Goetheer, Principal Scientist at VoltaChem/TNO, Professor at TU Delft)
  • Key achievements and challenges for the four research lines (presented by the project partners):
  • Direct electrochemical conversion of CO2 to platform chemicals
  • Indirect electrochemical conversion of CO2 to fuels
  • Technologies for H2 production by electrolysis
  • Technology valorisation & implementation

The webinar will be followed by a Q&A session of 20 minutes. After the main stakeholder webinar, companies that have signed up to be Observer Partners will be invited for breakout discussions on specific research lines with the project partners.


You can register here.

About the E2C project

In July 2018 VoltaChem joined forces with and partners from the 2 Seas region in the interregional project "Electrons to high-value chemical products (E2C project)". The cross-border project awarded by the Interreg 2 Seas programme focuses on the conversion of CO2 into chemicals and fuels, using renewable electricity. The aim of this expert consortium - consisting of 7 research partners and 35 industrial observer partners from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and England - is to accelerate the development and implementation of Power-to-X and CO2 conversion technology. More information about the E2C project can be found here



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