Electrification of the Chemical Industry

28-06-2018 - 28-06-2018 / Plant One, Botlek-Rotterdam, Merseyweg 10, havennummer 5210, 3197 KG

Community session no 2 - ‘Piloting & scale-up’

Our second Community meeting will take place on June 28th. The topic of this event is ‘Piloting & scale-up – field labs for electrification’. One of the big questions in making sustainability real is: ‘What is holding us back to launch new technologies and innovations?’ In this community session, we will elaborate on technical and non-technical barriers to technology adoption. We will zoom in on the role field labs can play in crossing the chasm. Organizations considering joining our community and interested in field lab exploration, are always welcome to attend and ‘experience’ a community session, without obligations.      

Frank Berkers, a consultant at TNO will be our speaker. Frank founded TNO’s strategic initiative Orchestrating Innovation, which trains TNO’s leaders of large open innovation collaborations in innovation management and networks them with peers and innovation management specialists. He is responsible for business modeling, value network analysis and supporting strategic (investment) decisions for complementary and networked business models for innovations that address societal challenges.

We will then apply this to a case study for a Field Lab in Rotterdam together. What should be the design of the Field Lab to take the technology a step further? And what is the feasibility of such a Field lab? What technologies and topics should be in scope to make this field lab a success?

Interested in joining?

Although our community sessions are exclusively for our members, we offer the opportunity to organizations interested and active in our electrification program and considering joining the VoltaChem Community, to attend one of our community sessions free-of-charge. This enables you to assess the added value of membership for your organization. In case you would like to participate in our next session, please send an e-mail to info@voltachem.com

If you are interested in our community or have questions about membership, please contact our community manager Monique Rijkers and include your motivation for joining.

Date:   June 28th, 2018  |  Time:   13.00 – 17.00

Venue: Plant One, Botlek-Rotterdam, Merseyweg 10, havennummer 5210, 3197 KG 

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