ELECTRO Trail Europe

05-06-2023 / 16-06-2023 | Europe

ELECTRO Trail Europe

From June 5th till June 16th VoltaChem will be touring, together with Industrielinqs, award-winning  students and young professionals, through Europe.

During this tour they will discover and learn more about innovative developments at large industrial players within the electrification and electrochemistry in Europe. They want to find out, and really see, how these developments are contributing to the highly necessary energy transformation. An excellent opportunity for young professionals to learn more about the steps now being taken in European industry in the area of electrification and electrochemistry.

Our principal consultant Power-2-X, Reinier Grimbergen, together with Wim Raaijen from Industrielinqs, will report to you with vlogs and blogs at this dedicated LinkedIn page: Electro Trail Europe. Reinier is a chemist who is passionate about sustainability as well as science, with 19 years’ experience in the global chemical industry. His focus has always been on innovation that is driven by sustainability. 

At the moment several interesting locations have been confirmed, which are among others: the plasma laboratory at Chemelot; eCracker at BASF Ludwigshafen; the electrification and production processes and energy storage at BASF Schwarzheide; Övik Örnsköldsvik, where Ørsted is building a large eMethanol plant together with Liquid Wind, Uniper, Siemens, Topsoe, Alfa Laval and more to be confirmed.

Make sure to follow us and regularly check @VoltaChem and @ ELECTRO Trail Europe  to stay updated on all latest Power-2X developments during his tour through Europe.

We also welcome your must-visit suggestions.

Electro Trail Europe is a project initiated by Industrielinqs, a modern journalistic networking company for the industry. Within platforms, Industrielinqs builds knowledge networks together with partners.

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