Upscaling hurdles and perspectives on electrochemical CO2 conversion

13-06-2024 | Rijswijk, Netherlands

TNO is organizing a one-day technical workshop on "Upscaling hurdles and perspectives on electrochemical CO2 conversion" on Thursday 13th June 2024, from 09:30-17:30hrs.

The aim of this one-day workshop is to discuss the technical hurdles and perspectives for upscaling low-temperature electrochemical CO2 conversion technologies. We aim for an interactive and informative technical discussion, bringing together scientists and engineers from academia and industry. The workshop program includes a visit to TNO labs and ZEUS pilot installation.

This workshop is organized as closed event, based on a list of invited stakeholders from TNO. Interested to attend the workshop? Send an email to and the organizers will review your request.


Confirmed speakers 

Moritz Schreiber (Total Energies), “Industrial CO2 electroreduction to ethylene: Main technical challenges”

Remco Hartkamp (Delft University of Technology), “Modeling CO2 electrolysis - a multiscale problem”

Hermenegildo Garcia (ITQ), “Control of the Faradaic efficiency towards ethanol by surface hydropobization of cuprite”

Tom Burdyny (Delft University of Technology), “Remaining Technical Barriers for Stable and Efficient CO2 Electrolyzers”

Kai Junge Puring (Fraunhofer UMSICHT), “Development of CO2-to-CO-electrolysis in context of integration into process chains”

Mark Sassenburg (TNO), “R&D on upscaling CO2 electrolysis at TNO”.

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