VoltaChem’s Monthly Munchies: Regional Strategic Directions for Power-2-Chemicals

29-02-2024 / 29-02-2024 | Online, Microsoft Teams

VoltaChem’s Monthly Munchies: Regional Strategic Directions for Power-2-Chemicals

We are pleased to invite you for our next Monthly Munchy On February 29th at 11.30-12.30 CET in which Rebecca Dowling and Karin van Kranenburg, consultants strategic business analysis, will take you as community members on an interactive journey to explore:

Regional strategic directions for Power-2-Chemicals

During the session, we will shortly introduce the concept of using SWOT analysis and a confrontation matrix to distillate strategic directions. We shall provide a first draft of a SWOT matrix for the ARRRA cluster, as an example. The core of the session will be interactive. We would like to ask you as a community member to contribute with your expertise and knowledge during the session, to make a SWOT for your specific region (or to complement, if you are from ARRRA). From this analysis, we will together distillate strategic directions, based on the specific strengths and opportunities that the different regions have to offer.

This session will help you to gain insights into strategic directions towards the field of Power-to-Chemicals for your own region. The overview for the different regions will be used for the new Voltachem whitepaper that will be published this year.

To help us prepare this session well, we kindly ask you to register for this session, in which you let us know for which region you would like to contribute to the session.

Kind regards,

Yvette Veninga

VoltaChem Community Manager


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