VoltaChem Power-2-X Tour 2022 #1: Hydrogen and Power-2-X: From an energy to a materials challenge

11-05-2022 / 11-05-2022 | Hotel Van Der Valk Akersloot and the Faraday Lab at TNO Petten

VoltaChem Power-2-X Tour 2022 #1: Hydrogen and Power-2-X: From an energy to a materials challenge

The VoltaChem Power-2-X Tour is a series of talk shows and events which will offer a deep dive into key developments in industrial electrification. With the aim to inform, inspire, and in the long run to help to make sensible decisions on future investments that will make the chemical industry more sustainable.

The first edition of this year’s VoltaChem Power-2-X Tour took place on May 11th, from 13.00 - 18.00 (CET). Topic of this edition: Hydrogen and Power-2-X: From an energy to a materials challenge.

This time, we addressed the issue of materials scarcity in Electrification and Power-2-X. The EU Fit for 55 package and REpowerEU initiative set very high 2030 targets for the energy and hydrogen transition forward, but we all must realize the scarcity of materials required in some electrolysers. Therefore, we need solution directions like non-PGM, ultra low scarce materials concepts and recycling of catalyst materials in electrolysers.

The main question is: What are the scarce materials issues in Hydrogen and Power-2-X and which solutions are readily available to cope with this challenge?

4 challenging presentations to open your mind:  







Sara Wieclawska (left) is a chemist and now works as a consultant at the Strategic Business Analysis department of  TNO. Sara kicked-off with her presentation about the raw material demand of green hydgroen production for the EU and what intervention and innovations we can deploy to mitigate the demand. Want to know more? Check out these publications

Thijs de Groot (right) is a Technology Developer at HyCC gave us the perspective of a plant owner/operator on Green Hydrogen. HyCC is a leading industrial partner for safe and reliable green hydrogen supplies and circular chemistry solutions to enable the transition to zero-carbon industry.







Chris Zalitis (left) is a Senior Scientist at Johnson Matthey shared recent development at Johnson Matthey on catalyst coated membranes for electroylis. Johnson Matthey is a global sustainable technologies company that applies cutting-edge science and chemistry, like catalysts.

Auke Kronemeijer (right) is a Research Manager at TNO Holst Centre introduced TNO Holst Centre and its capabilities and ambitions in using lare-area scalable manufacturing technologies to realize, and optimize the performance of integrated device concepts for conversion of electricitiy into various potential chemical modalities. 

Lab tour
Part of the event was also a visit to one of the largest electrolyser research facilities in the Netherlands “The Faraday lab”. The participants traveled together by bus to the TNO location in Petten. Here they could see the performance test and scale up facilities for electrolysis.

Upon return from the Faraday lab, the drinks and  bites were ready and it was time to catch up and/or to meet new people. After two years of online gatherings everyone was ready for the networking part of the event. 

Complementary events
This event complemented the World Hydrogen Summit 2022 in Rotterdam on May 9-11th, the invitation-only NextGen PEM electrolysis event in the morning of Wednesday May 11th and the open Electrons to Chemicals Event on Thursday May 12th.


Next edition
Are you interested in the next deep dive in industrial electrification with VoltaChem? The next edition of the Power-2-X Tour will take place in October. The exact date and location will be announced at a later moment. Make sure to keep an eye on our LinkedIn page and our website. 


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