VoltaChem’s Monthly Munchies: Comparison of hydrogen production technologies

26-05-2021 / 26-05-2021 | Online (Microsoft Teams)

VoltaChem’s Monthly Munchies: Comparison of hydrogen production technologies

In April 2020 VoltaChem launched the Monthly Munchies series: virtual lunch breaks for members of the VoltaChem Business Community. The topic of this month's edition is Comparison of hydrogen production technologies.

Starring this session will be VoltaChem Community member Ellart de Wit, Chief Technology Officer at Hygear, together with Reinier Grimbergen, Principal Consultant at VoltaChem. Together, they will present different hydrogen production technologies and discuss both advantages and disadvantages for each of the technologies. Last but not least the carbon emissions reduction potential will be compared showing a full range from net positive to net negative emission hydrogen production.

Interested in joining? 

Although our community sessions are for members only, we offer organizations interested in electrification the opportunity to attend one community session free-of-charge. This enables you to assess the added value of membership of the VoltaChem Community for your organization.

Would you like to participate in VoltaChem's Monthly Munchies? Please reach out to our business developers.

In case you are interested in, or have questions about, your Community membership, please contact our community manager Monique Rijkers.


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