VoltaChem’s Monthly Munchies: Biogas upgrading 3.0

30-09-2020 / 30-09-2020 | Online (Microsoft Teams)

VoltaChem’s Monthly Munchies: Biogas upgrading 3.0

Starring in this 6th edition of VoltaChem's Monthly Munchies will be VoltaChem Community memner Benny Bakker, Startup manager at DMT, together with VoltaChem's own Elena Perez, Scientist electrochemical CO2 conversion. Together, they connect DMT’s knowledge on biogas with VoltaChem’s knowledge on electrification in a topic that is relevant to us all: CO2 utilization. Together they will be hosting this session on the topic of Biogas upgrading 3.0.

Biogas upgrading is a process where biogas produced from fermentation of organic waste is separated into biomethane and biogenic CO2. DMT Environmental Technology has been active in this field for more than 30 years. Today, they are facing a new challenge. The development of several upcoming sustainable technologies makes it possible to combine and eventually come to a biogas upgrading plant where both biomethane and biogenic CO2 are fully utilized. The high purity biogenic CO2 stream obtained after its separation from biomethane can be directly converted into high value chemicals. This is exactly at the heart of VoltaChem. Within the VoltaChem program, TNO researchers are working on the development and scaling-up of different electrochemical conversion technologies to valorize CO2 and form commodity chemicals such as CO, formic acid, oxalic acid and formaldehyde. Benny and Elena will show you all the possibilities!

Interested in joining? 

Although these Monthly Munchies are organized for Community Members only, we offer organizations interested in electrification the opportunity to attend one community session free-of-charge. This enables you to assess the added value of membership of the VoltaChem Community for your organization.

Would you like to participate in VoltaChem’s Monthly Munchies? Please reach out to our business developers.  

In case you have questions about Community membership, please contact our community manager Monique Rijkers.


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