Webinar: Green hydrogen, today, tomorrow, and in 2030

05-06-2023 / 05-06-2023 | Microsoft Teams

Webinar: Green hydrogen, today, tomorrow, and in 2030

On June 5th at 15.30-16.30 CET, we welcome you to join our dedicated webinar about our new publication Green hydrogen today, tomorrow, and in 2030. Click here to download the publication.

In partnership with Advisian (Worley), VoltaChem/TNO experts examined green hydrogen's standing within global energy systems today, before considering the demand, supply, and technology challenges that will influence the scale of green hydrogen production in Europe in 2025 and 2030. The reference point has been the EU's ambition to realize 40 GW of water electrolysis capacity by 2030.

This webinar will be moderated by Erica Bhasin, Decarbonisation and Energy Transition Consultant from Advisian.

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Panelist joining our webinar are:

  • Piotr Pukala, Physics Energy & Materials Transition, TNO
  • Lennart Van Der Burg, Business Development Power-2- Hydrogen, VoltaChem
  • Ian Moore, Technical Director, low carbon, Advisian
  • Cristiane Scaldaferri, Legislation Expert, low carbon, Advisian

Questions among others to be discussed:

  • How will expected reduction in oil and gas demand impact the demand for green hydrogen in refineries?
  • Which supply model, onsite or offsite is expected to become more prevalent? Is this industry related or time-sensitive?
  • What are the emerging industrial trends due to the Russia / Ukraine conflict? Will green hydrogen development decelerate, as countries revive more established means for energy i.e., coal, natural gas?
  • How will the standardization of electrolyzer production help accelerate timelines for larger scale deployment?

You might choose to direct your remarks/questions upfront to [piotr.pukala@tno.nl] or the moderator [erica.bhasin1@advisian.com].

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