Workshop “Opportunities of using electrochemistry in chemical production”

17-06-2019 / 17-06-2019 | VoltaChem | Delft | 10.00 to 15.00 hrs

Workshop “Opportunities of using electrochemistry in chemical production”

On Monday, June 17th, VoltaChem will organize its first Power-2-Chemicals Community of Practice meeting. VoltaChem’s Communities of Practice are industrial interest groups interested in obtaining more technological insight into electrification.

The topic of this Community of Practice Meeting is: Everything you need to know about Power to Chemicals but were afraid to ask! 

What to expect 

The objective of this meeting is to explore the challenges and propose solutions to the Power-2-Chemicals research activities in VoltaChem. The key topic is the systemic integration of electrochemical conversions within existing and potentially new value chains. The broad portfolio of electrochemical reactions within VoltaChem will be presented. Central to the discussion are:

  • When is it smart to apply electrochemistry?
  • How can renewable feedstock be valorized in electrochemical conversions?
  • What are the techno-economic challenges for the electrochemical reduction of CO2

We will further detail the implications of these questions to your organization during a workshop.


10.00 Arrival
10.30 Introduction by Prof. Dr. Earl Goetheer – Principal Scientist

In-depth Presentations & Questions

  • Power-2-commodities based on CO2 – Dr. Anca Anastasopo
  • Power-2-Specialties – Dr. Amanda Garcia
  • Process intensification – Dr. Roman Latsuzbaia


Meet the Voltachem scientists and informal poster session


Parallel session:

  • Round table discussion: Challenges in process intensification in CO2 electroreduction; or 
  • Tour laboratory facilities: from fundamentals to continuous reactions
14.30  Closure & Drinks

For who

The workshop is exclusively targeted at (senior) technologists and research managers at chemical companies and technology & equipment suppliers who are interested in using electrochemistry for chemical production. It provides an interactive program with the aim to identify opportunities for future cooperation. If the results of this 1st session are worthwhile for the participants, we propose organizing more events specifically about electrochemical engineering topics in an industrial Community-of-Practice format.


  • The workshop will be held in Delft (Leeghwaterstraat 44, 2628 CA) from 10.00 to approx 15.00 hrs. 
  • Please note that the number of participants for this interactive workshop will be limited.
  • If the registration exceeds the maximum number of participants, priority will be given to the representatives from the (chemical and equipment) industry.
  • In case you have any dietary restrictions, please inform us accordingly.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

If you are interested to participate, please reserve a seat through this link and share with us your motivation. 

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