Workshop Power to Accellerate Port of Rotterdam

05-12-2019 / 05-12-2019 | Rotterdam | Havenbedrijf Rotterdam | 10:00 tot 15:00 hrs

Workshop Power to Accellerate Port of Rotterdam

On Wednesday, December 5th we bring together regional industry, innovations, investors and other stakeholders to take existing initiatives one step further towards implementation. This meeting takes place at the Port of Rotterdam Authority that facilitates many industrial parties and can, therefore, outline the challenges.


To accelerate the implementation of industrial electrification technology in the Port of Rotterdam industrial cluster, VoltaChem is teaming up with FME, Deltalinqs, InnovationQuarter, and Port of Rotterdam Authority to develop an industrial field lab for demonstrating and integrating high-TRL technologies directly in the regional industry.


After an introduction by the Port Authority about their vision in the field of industrial electrification, a number of places are given about initiatives from the industry and innovations. Both explain how they see opportunities and what is needed until implementation. The participants then split into working groups to work on solutions that will be further developed by the Fieldlab team.

Target Audience

The meeting is geared towards end-users, investors, network operators, government and technology partners such as techno starters, system integrators and suppliers that want to take industrial electrification one step further in the Port of Rotterdam industrial cluster. We are looking for decision-makers, people with a background in R&D, engineering, technical affinity, and a "solution mindset".

The language for this meeting is Dutch. For more information and registration, click here   

VoltaChem will be represented by Monique Rijkers, Willem Frens and Martijn de Graaff. 


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