EC grants game-changing project on highly selective electro-synthesis

31-08-2018 | New Project

Together with several partners, VoltaChem has recently acquired a grant of 9 M€ for a 4-year innovation project in the field of selective electrochemical oxidations of bio-based feedstock. The aim of this project, named PERFORM, is to establish an open-access piloting platform for demonstration of paired electro-synthesis and integrated product recovery, resulting in 60% energy savings and 40%


Additional investments boost industrial electrification R&D

30-08-2018 | Program update

An additional €2 million will be invested by TNO in its industrial electrification activities within VoltaChem on top of the existing yearly contribution. This increase is the result of additional government investments in applied research by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and a recognition of the importance of the subject and the results attained so far. The funds will be invested in ac


Voltachem starts new interregional E2C project accelerating electrification and CO2 conversion

12-06-2018 | New Project

VoltaChem and partners from the 2 Seas region will join forces from 1 July in the new interregional project "Electrons to high-value chemical products (E2C project)". The cross-border project recently awarded by Interreg 2 Seas focuses on the conversion of CO2 into chemicals and fuels, using renewable electricity. The aim of this new consortium - consisting of 8 research partners and 29


Promising results in electrochemical production of Lactic Acid

06-03-2018 | Project results

Electrochemical oxidation towards high-value chemical products is one of the most interesting and promising applications of electrosynthesis on short term. Researchers from Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem have recently demonstrated very high yields for the oxidation of propylene glycol (PDO) to lactic acid (LA) using cheap electrodes and chemicals. With the results in hand, the next step can


e-Refinery symposium; towards CO2 neutral chemicals and energy

11-01-2018 | Event report

On 18 December, the first symposium on e-Refinery in which sustainable electricity forms the basis for a decarbonized economy, was held at TU Delft, organized in collaboration with VoltaChem. Approximately 170 researchers, representatives of companies, and other interested parties were present in Delft to discuss the challenges and ideas about accelerating technical breakthroughs in e-refinery

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