Connecting with relevant stakeholders via the VoltaChem Business Community



Connecting with relevant stakeholders via the VoltaChem Business CommunityVoltaChem is a Shared Innovation Program for industrial parties interested in industrial electrification. VoltaChem embraces the goal of open innovation: to share ideas, efforts, costs, and risks, and to reduce time to market for new processes and product innovations. A unique way to participate is to join our VoltaChem Business Community, a business platform to meet relevant stakeholders in the entire value chain, exchange knowledge and explore interesting investment opportunities together.

It is VoltaChem’s mission to support the chemical industry, the energy sector, and equipment suppliers and licensors to move towards a climate-neutral future. The key technology developments of VoltaChem are structured in three technology program lines: Power-2-Integrate, Power-2-Hydrogen, and Power-2-Chemicals. ‘This illustrates that we look at the entire value chain’, explains Yvette Veninga, program manager Power-2-Integrate and VoltaChem’s Business Community manager. ‘I’ve been a community manager for almost a year now. It’s my job to make sure we develop interesting events for our participants. Think of webinars, but also face-to-face meetings. In addition, I am the contact person for members and for interested parties who are considering a membership.’


Within the community, we share knowledge and connect the projects that are carried out within VoltaChem. That helps us to better understand the demand in the market. In addition, the community brings members together. As a result, they find each other in new value chains. The group of participating companies is very diverse, with large but also smaller companies within the energy sector, process industry, and equipment supply and licensors. 

‘Our members participate in the various technology development programs or are interested in the potential of electrification in the industry. Together, we discuss the future of electrification, road mapping, and (inter)national agenda-setting. We want active members who are willing to contribute to knowledge sharing and are looking for innovations. We are looking for new members to further expand the community. After all, there is still a lot of work to be done given the transition of the industry', says Veninga.


Every month an information session – VoltaChems’s Monthly Munchies (webinar) – is organized, exclusively for community members, on topics related to VoltaChem. This may concern subjects, such as CO2 reuse into efuels, materials challenge for hydrogen production, what carbon sources to use for what product?, consequences of regulations, and what (social) challenges we face implementing new technologies and value chains. Veninga: ‘These are interactive online sessions, for which members can contribute topics. In addition to these webinars, we also organize face-to-face events twice a year, where we bring companies into contact with each other to discuss relevant topics. We also do community projects for which the members provide input.


Companies that join VoltaChem’s Business Community get the exclusive opportunity to participate in one or more program lines and directly influence the direction of the VoltaChem roadmap. Members get access to VoltaChem webinars and events and are the first to receive the results from VoltaChem’s program lines. ‘In addition, members receive two days of bilateral consulting for free. But most of all I think the real value lies in the opportunity to meet relevant stakeholders across the entire value chain, exchange knowledge and explore business opportunities together. Our members appreciate the webinars and events because they get into conversation with interesting parties’, Veninga states.


‘We happily invite companies in the process industry, electricity sector, and equipment sector to join VoltaChem’s Business Community. The annual participation fee is EUR 4.500,-. For small companies, we can often, in mutual consultation, make a special proposal, an in-kind participation in our Business Community. If you are interested you can register via a registration form on our website, then we will contact you for an intake interview’, Veninga explains.


Are you interested in joining the VoltaChem Business Community or still have questions? Have a look here, or get in touch with our Community Manager Yvette Veninga.

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