e-THOR: Electrolysis technology for hydrogen and oxygen production in Rotterdam

04-03-2020 | New Project | P2Integrate

e-THOR: Electrolysis technology for hydrogen and oxygen production in RotterdamAs part of VoltaChem's program line Power-2-Integrate, a study has been started towards an integrated hydrogen plant in the Rotterdam harbor. The project involves experts from TNO, waste-to-energy company AVR, TiO2 producer Tronox, and Deltalinqs, the business association of Mainport Rotterdam. The integrative approach can lead to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions in a unique demonstration project, possibly with a competing business case for large-scale valorization of electrolysis.

The goal of the project is to assess the techno-economic feasibility and associated business case of a 5 MW electrolyzer for the production and application high-purity H2 and O2 in the Port of Rotterdam, hence the project acronym e-THOR (electrolysis Technology for Hydrogen and Oxygen production in Rotterdam). The novel aspect of e-THOR is the integrative approach where, next to the production of hydrogen, the production of oxygen and the utilization of residual heat will contribute to the electrolysis business case. 

Currently, Tronox produces TiO2 using steam from two sources, as an import from AVR and by burning CO in an air incinerator. The latter produces CO2, which is costly to capture and store. But it also averts utilizing the CO as a valuable resource for the production of high value chemical products. TNO, AVR, Tronox and Deltalinqs are now investigating the use of electricity produced by AVR in electrolyzer along with the use of oxygen for the partial oxidation of carbon as a unique combination, which can set the basis for electricity based production of chemicals at a large scale. 

Investigating and comparing different value chains, and the corresponding materials and energy streams, will support the decision-making process for AVR and Tronox for large scale implementation. The project also includes an outlook on a future scale-up towards a capacity of 100 MW. If a positive business case is identified and funding options are available, the e-THOR study can be followed up by the design of a demonstration plant, consisting of a 5 MW electrolyzer, H2 and O2 distribution lines and the adjustments necessary to feed O2 into the Tronox process.

Do you want to know more about this project or, more generally, about the integration opportunities of green hydrogen production in industrial clusters? Then please contact our business developer Martijn de Graaff (Power-2-Integrate).


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