European RTOs: Accelerating development of electrolysis

24-11-2020 | P2Hydrogen

Position paper

European RTOs: Accelerating development of electrolysisGreen hydrogen, produced by electrolysis using renewable sources such as the sun and the wind, plays a crucial role in the energy transition. But much remains to be done to produce this clean energy carrier on an industrial scale and at an acceptable cost. Europe has good trump cards to achieve this. At the initiative of VoltaChem founding partner TNO, a number of leading knowledge institutes have launched proposals to take electrolysis up a notch, fast. Lennart van der Burg, business development manager at VoltaChem and TNO, is one of the authors.

These proposals are presented in the position paper 'HySpeedInnovation' in which a number of leading European Research and Technology Organisations describe the upscaling challenges that lie ahead and how the knowledge institutions can come together to tackle these challenges in order to make Europe a leader in the field of electrolysis. 

TNO is joined by the German RTOs Fraunhofer (IFAM and ISE) and Forschungszentrum Jülich (IEK14), the Norwegian SINTEF and France’s CEA. The RTOs also recommend a supporting role for the European Commission and national authorities. 

Meanwhile, other knowledge institutions from EU Member States have also embraced the call, as has the network Hydrogen Europe Research, which represents several hundred companies and organizations in the field of hydrogen.

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