Highlight SPES: CODEC ‘CO2 Oxygen DEpolarised Cathode’


As part of the ‘Negative Emission Technology Lab – NET-Lab’ at SPES in Delft, funded by the ministry of EZK in 2020, the so-called CODEC setup has been designed and built as a flexible and versatile bench scale electrolysis setup.

End of October the set-up has arrived, followed by a Site Acceptance Test in the second week of November. The pictures below show the modular and mobile set up as well as an artist impression of the set-up.

The CODEC set-up serves as an electrochemical stripper & regenerator for a rich CO2 solvent stream, stripping out the CO2 in gas form, and subsequently regenerating the solvent to a lean CO2 capture solvent. The main functionality of CODEC is to regenerate captured CO2 by use of gas diffusion electrodes and/or plate electrodes at ambient and elevated temperatures. An important CO2 source is air, since the investment was related to NET-Lab, but it is not limited to this, other sources like flue gases can serve as CO2 source as well.

At Voltachem we will further use this setup for integrated carbon capture and conversion studies, where we use the electrochemically released CO2 from CODEC in one of our many, advanced electrochemical CO2 conversion set-ups.

The acronym of the CODEC reactor stands for CO2 Oxygen DEpolarised Cathode. In the figure below the working principle is shown. For any questions related to CODEC, please feel free to contact Matti van Schooneveld.


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