Key Insight #2: A pivotal role for renewable methanol

31-01-2023 | P2Integrate

Key Insight #2: A pivotal role for renewable methanolRenewable methanol will play a significant role to reduce our carbon emissions to zero by 2050. VoltaChem researchers conducted an analysis of the potential of renewable methanol as a circular carbon platform in the production of fuels, plastics and proteins in the Netherlands.

This Key Insight shows that production of renewable methanol from various sources is chemically feasible in a cost-effective manner. When applied across the three value chains, renewable methanol can result in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

It also provides the prospect of outcompeting fossil-based fuels, plastics and proteins in the foreseeable future. Local production volumes of CCU-methanol (e-methanol) will be limited by local availability of renewable electricity and renewable carbon sources and therefore substantial methanol import volumes are foreseen.

Please read more in our Key Insight #2: “A pivotal role for renewable methanol" and we encourage you to share your thoughts on this.

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