Materials Challenge for Hydrogen Production Webinar Recording


Materials Challenge for Hydrogen Production Webinar RecordingOn the 27th of October 2022, VoltaChem and its founding partner TNO organized an open webinar as a part of the European Hydrogen Week 2022 (an initiative of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership). The webinar focused on the Materials Challenge for Hydrogen Production.

Sara Wieclawska (TNO) presented her research on the scale and potential impact of the materials challenge in the context of hydrogen production, as well as potential mitigation strategies. This was followed by an engaging panel discussion involving Christian Gebauer (Heraeus), Sven Grieger (Fraunhofer IWKS), Florian Lessing (VDE Renewables), Oscar Diaz Morales (TNO-Holst Centre) and Reinier Grimbergen (TNO-VoltaChem). 

You can watch the recording here.

Additional Information: 

Research from Sara Wieclawska and her colleagues: Producing green hydrogen with electrolysis | TNO 

Breakthrough innovation from team at TNO-VoltaChem, for reducing the Iridium required for PEM electrolysers by 200 times: News | A factor of 200 reduction of iridium catalyst for PEM electrolysers is demonstrated to be possible keeping on average 1/3 of performance - VoltaChem 

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