National Energy Report: turning point in energy transition


iStock_000063540085_XXXLarge.jpgThe increasing sustainability of the energy supply in the Netherlands is at a turning point. That is the conclusion of the National Energy Report 2015 presented by ECN. Discover what the energy situation is in the Netherlands and what must be done to achieve the objectives of the Energy Agreement.

Energy supply at a turning point

The report shows that the energy supply in the Netherlands has reached a turning point. Dr Koen Schoots, who supervised the creation of ECN's report, explains: "Sustainability will steadily increase in the coming years. Energy savings will continue, the share of renewable energy will grow and air quality will improve. Nevertheless, this growth will decrease in the long term. This is mainly due to the fact that the policy for the period following 2023 has not yet been fully elaborated."

Cooperation is essential

According to the NEV researchers, cooperation is essential for continued sustainable development. Schoots says: "The parties involved must bring about the energy transition together. The change is too complex to be the responsibility of a single party. Politicians have a role to play in creating a vision, but realising that vision must take place within a wider framework. This leads to social safeguarding."  

Positive effect of the Energy Agreement

The NEV reveals that progress has been made on the objectives in the Energy Agreement. According to Schoots: "In contrast to last year, the NEV 2015 shows that the objective of 16% renewable energy by 2023 is nearly within reach. Last year, we were pessimistic about achieving that objective. Now, a year later, we can provide a clearer picture of the expected effects of the Energy Agreement. A comparison with last year reveals that the Energy Agreement will lead to an acceleration of the energy transition. It was an important turning point."   

Further information 

The NEV supports policymakers to formulate energy policy and provides professionals in the energy sector insight into the status of Dutch energy management. A new issue of the report, containing the most recent figures and covering new subjects, will be published every year. You can download the full National Energy Report 2015 (in Dutch). 

Source: ECN

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