Reinier Grimbergen appointed TNO Principal Consultant

10-03-2021 | Business development

Reinier Grimbergen appointed TNO Principal ConsultantVoltaChem team member Reinier Grimbergen has recently been appointed as TNO Principal Consultant. In this strategic role he will guide the TNO efforts that enable industry to make the transformation towards climate neutrality and circularity. This aligns with his role at VoltaChem, where he will continue to boost the Power-2-Chemicals efforts in the specialty and high-value chemical industry.

As a Principal Consultant, Reinier Grimbergen is one of TNO's strategic figureheads whose leading strategic role stems from a recognised in-depth professional knowledge and an authoritative vision of its application. They inspire professionals inside as well as outside TNO and build strategic alliances. His new role will benefit Grimbergen in his mission to advance industry towards circularity and sustainability, a mission he already pursues as a VoltaChem business developer and as account manager at Brightsite (the program at Chemelot to support industrial innovation enabling the energy and feedstock transition).

Finding the right path

"At the heart of the issue", Grimbergen says, "is realizing carbon circularity. The VoltaChem efforts revolve around electrification, but there are more prospects. Think for instance of using biomass, sugars, or waste streams. These opportunities are all going to develop side by side and indeed we already see all sorts of industrial activities. Big companies are looking at it, startups are trying to conquer the market. In this jungle of possibilities, finding the right path to innovation and transition can be quite tough. As a society, we have to manage all that and provide a sense of direction. I see many opportunities for TNO to be of service in this in an independent, transparent, and science based way: to identify transition paths, to establish so-called no-regret pathways and thus de-risk investments. Not only industrial, private investments, but also public investments. Think for example of the European Green Deal which concerns billions of euros. That's public money that you want to spend as effectively as possible." 

Orchestrate industrial transformation

As Principal Consultant, Grimbergen will apply his extensive knowledge and network in the industry to orchestrate effective industrial transformation. "That role suits me well. My heart lies in strategy: networking, 'pushing' stakeholders, steering development. I want to provide the strategic line, make it clear how it all fits together, identify strategic innovation areas and help to engage external parties and make consortia that can have an impact."

Regarding VoltaChem, Grimbergen will continue to spur business development in the Power-2-Chemicals program line. As TNO Principal Consultant, he will consider electrification in the broader strategic context of the complete transformation towards a sustainable, circular, emission-free process industry. "In that transformation agenda, I will of course position VoltaChem in all the right places."

Reinier will be one of the table guests of the first edition of the VoltaChem Power-2-X Tour on March 31. The topic: Viable value chains: The Northwest European industry region as electrified supercluster. You can read more information here

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