Seizing opportunities in the international value chain of electrolyzer production

28-02-2020 | New Project | P2Hydrogen

Seizing opportunities in the international value chain of electrolyzer productionGreen hydrogen is an indispensable ingredient in the energy transition and in making the chemical industry sustainable and carbon-neutral. Producing green hydrogen on such a large scale requires the availability of electrolyzers in large numbers. This offers the manufacturing industry great opportunities. In a partnership with FME (the Dutch employers’ organization in the technology industry) and TNO, the VoltaChem program is making an effort to inform and enthuse Dutch suppliers and manufacturers.

To fulfill the promise of green hydrogen, a substantial growth of electrolyzer production is required worldwide. However, the international market for the manufacture of electrolyzers has a limited number of players, the capacity of the devices is still far too low, production can be much more efficient and there is no well-organized chain of component and material suppliers. 

According to an outlook published by FME last year, the Dutch manufacturing industry can make a difference on all these points. Many companies are already important suppliers to major industries in Europe, such as German car manufacturers. They can play a significant role in establishing innovation and progress, so that production of electrolyzers and their components can become a new high-tech industry in our country. Companies can make use of the research and testing facilities of TNO, such as the Faraday laboratory in Petten and the Hydrohub MegaWatt Test Centre in Groningen.

In a concerted action, the partners are now campaigning to inform the industry of the huge opportunities, the available knowledge and infrastructure in the Netherlands, and funding opportunities for R&D. Their joint efforts will also include charting the industry ecosystem in each province and listing the specific business opportunities there. A roadmap will be prepared containing the actions needed to seize these opportunities, e.g. with respect to R&D, developing the industrial environment and providing regulatory conditions and infrastructure.

VoltaChem is happy to get in touch with companies that want to participate in this initiative and play a role in a new, innovative supply chain for electrolyzers. Are you interested? Please contact Lennart van der Burg, business development manager of Power-2-Hydrogen.


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