SOE Workshop 2022: a successful networking event toward industrial implementation


SOE Workshop 2022: a successful networking event toward industrial implementationSolid Oxide Electrolyzer (SOE) is rapidly developing toward an industrial scale technology as pressure on the chemical industry increases to reduce emissions. This is an opportunity, but needs a strong cooperation between end-users and technology developers and suppliers to assess current status of the SOE technology and identify roadblocks to integrate the production of hydrogen or syngas with the existing processes in the chemical industry. Now is the time to form this type of cooperation.

On the 9th of November 2022, VoltaChem and its founding partner TNO organized, a workshop in the scope of the two co-funded projects HERSO (Coordination by TNO) and Next Level SOE (Coordination by ISPT), to start the dialog and form consortia to accelerate implementation of SOE technology as a key renewable technology for industry. The Workshop was held at the TNO location in Petten (NL).

The workshop was attended by an audience of 45 participants consisted of industrial end-users and SOE system and equipment suppliers and consultancy companies (BP, Total Energies, Shell, McDermott, Technip Energies, HyGear, Metalot, NextChem, Air Products, Aramco Europe, HyCC, BA2C Europe), with the valuable pro-active participation of four European SOE system suppliers (Topsoe, Ceres, Genvia and SolydEra), who shared their knowledge and expertise on SOE technology.

Joining this SOE-driven community for a day led to a very enthusiastic panel discussion between system suppliers & end-users, where many interesting topics around SOE system applications, operations and cost were addressed, and networking moments with good interactions between the Workshop participants, which we hope, will contribute to open many opportunities for further collaborations.







During the workshop, presentations were also given by Ties van Maaren (business developer at TNO/VoltaChem) and Hans van Noordende (SOE research lead at ISPT) to introduce to the SOE-driven community present during the event, the two Dutch R&D programs Voltachem and ISPT, aiming to connect SOE stakeholders across sectors and disciplines and achieve the acceleration of the industrial implementation of the technology.








As organizers, TNO also gave multiple presentations on the general status of the SOE technology (Frans van Berkel, lead SOE scientist at TNO) and the current development and results achieved in the HERSO (Claire Ferchaud, SOE scientist and project manager) and Next Level SOE (Maciej Stodolny, SOE scientist) projects, to present its R&D involvement to accelerate the SOE technology toward the industrial integration.

To finalize the Workshop, a visit of the SOE cell and stack manufacturing and testing facilities of the Faraday-lab of TNO Petten was organized to present to the last developments made at TNO in the scale-up of the SOE cell and stack technology (up to 30x30 cm cell, 800 cm2 active area) and for pressurized stack conditions.


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