Stay on top of developments in electrification with VoltaChem’s Power-2-X Tour

09-03-2021 | P2Integrate

Stay on top of developments in electrification with VoltaChem’s Power-2-X TourVoltaChem has planned a series of four online events which will provide a deep dive into key developments in industrial electrification. Livestreams from on-site locations in an interactive talk show setting will provide opportunities to interact with experts from around the world. The first meeting is on March 31 on a subject at the heart of VoltaChem's program line Power-2-Integrate: 'Viable value chains: The Northwest European industry region as electrified supercluster'.

VoltaChem team member Reinier Grimbergen, who will co-host the first meeting, hopes to welcome some hundred online attendees. "It is our aim to inform people, inspire them, and in the long run help to make sensible decisions on future investments that will make chemical industry more sustainable. We provide a view on the technologies that are out there and help to assess how these are of significance to the transformation towards decarbonization and circularity."

Table guests and online pitches

Each online talk show in the VoltaChem Power-2-X Tour will take 1,5 hours, starting at 11.00 A.M. (CEST). The shows will be broadcast via livestream from a pop-up studio at different on-site locations and organized in partnership with a different collaboration partner. The shows will be co-hosted by a VoltaChem team member who will have a seat at the table, together with guests from the VoltaChem network. To kickstart and enrich the table discussion, international experts will contribute with short online pitches. Online attendees can interact with the table guests, with the online experts, and with each other. After each show, there will be an opportunity for online follow-up discussion with the table guests. 

Grimbergen: "The meetings are all about creating a community and a shared view on developments. It's definitely not our intention to present 'the world according to VoltaChem'. Of course we will give updates on our projects, but we provide airtime to relevant third parties to shed light on the subject from their perspective. And we invite all participants to do the same."

Integrating renewable energy and feedstock

For the first meeting on Valuable Value Chains, Grimbergen will be joined at the table by representatives from Port of Rotterdam, Uniper, and SABIC. They will shed their light on integrating renewable energy and feedstock and give their vision on where the industry of north-western Europe will be heading: What is going to be produced where, with what and how? Grimbergen: "The focus will be on the ARRRA cluster, the Antwerp-Rotterdam-Rhine-Ruhr Area. We have invited experts to contribute with online pitches on industry data, strategies and scenarios, and disrupting technologies. I am particularly happy that a representative from the German chemical association Dechema will provide their outlook on the future of the chemical industry. This underpins our ambition to position VoltaChem in a role that transcends national borders - as does the chemical industry itself." Grimbergen adds: "We are proud to team up with SmartPort in the preparation of this first edition of our Tour. And also that Uniper has agreed to host our talk show at their Maasvlakte Power Plants in Rotterdam. Naturally, we will be stricly following the latest RIVM guidelines."

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Upcoming events

The VoltaChem Power-2-X Tour will continue with talk shows highlighting the strategic topics of the VoltaChem program:

  • Power-2-X Tour #2: June 30 | Electrosynthesis of materials and fuels from CO2
    Renewables-based production of chemical building blocks and fuels from CO2 is seen as an important avenue for achieving a circular carbon society. Although still at lower TRL’s, technology development in low- and high-temperature electrolysis is rapidly progressing and business cases are improving. In this session, we will discuss the various technologies, technological challenges, associated business cases and development pathways, with a focus on the integration in industry. (Power-2-Chemicals).

  • Power-2-X Tour #3: September 29 | Next-generation water electrolysis
    Industrialization of PEM electrolysis in partnership with industry. Better economics, increasing electrochemical efficiency, extending materials life under operational conditions, avoiding scarce resources such as iridium. (Power-2-Hydrogen)

  • Power-2-X Tour #4: November 24 | Upcoming Power-2-X technologies
    Exploration and development of future technologies such as Solid Oxide Electrolyzers that operate at high temperatures (Power-2-Hydrogen), and plasma pyrolysis of gases to produce hydrogen and unsaturated hydrocarbons as chemical building blocks (Power-2-Chemicals).




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