Third edition of VoltaChem’s Power-2-X Tour will focus on strengthening the supply chain for hydrogen production

13-09-2021 | P2Hydrogen

Third edition of VoltaChem’s Power-2-X Tour will focus on strengthening the supply chain for hydrogen productionThe VoltaChem Power-2-x Tour is a series of online events that provides a deep dive into key developments in industrial electrification. On September 29th, the third edition will focus on developing the supply chain for green hydrogen production, a subject that is at the heart of VoltaChem's program line Power-2-Hydrogen. This time, the online talk show will be broadcast via livestream from the premises of TNO in Petten, where one of Europe’s largest electrolyzer facilities is located.

The event is titled Next-generation water electrolysis: Cost-effective hydrogen production enabled by high-tech innovations and is meant for everybody interested in making a contribution to the scale-up of green hydrogen production says Arend de Groot, VoltaChem's technical lead in Power-2-Hydrogen and table guest during the talk show. "Developing the hydrogen economy requires concerted efforts all along the supply chain, from manufacturers of the smallest components to the large electrolyzer OEMs. Think membranes, catalysts, CCM’s, gaskets, PTL’s, coatings, and so on." In all these fields, De Groot says, innovation is required to arrive at the large electrolyzer systems that are capable of producing the required amounts of hydrogen that follow from society's ambitions in carbon-free energy and chemical feedstock. "We are talking about multiple gigawatt electrolyzer systems in 2030, and from a perspective of technology development 2030 really is very close." 

De Groot underpins that major challenges (increasing performance and durability, reducing cost, and scaling up) are only partially in the hands of electrolyzer OEMs. "That's why at VoltaChem we stimulate an integrated approach", he says. "In our view it is key to strengthen the supply chain. We hope to convince all players of the benefits of sharing information, providing feedback, and working together. We think this will tremendously benefit performance and rapid scale-up."

Fresh viewpoints, workable solutions

De Groot looks forward to an interesting discussion with knowledgeable partners that will present fresh viewpoints and discuss workable solutions. As table guest, De Groot will be joined by Peter Ellis (Technical Director Green Hydrogen at Johnson Matthey) and Peter Bouwman (Director R&D Hydrogen · Division Industrial at Schaeffler Technologies). Both represent innovative companies investing in the electrolyzer supply chain. They will share their thoughts on the role of the supply chain in bringing the technology to implementation, explain the challenges they face, and – even more importantly –  talk about the opportunities they see in this rapidly developing field.

De Groot: "I am happy to announce that Dieter Hellert (Business Development Manager at Bekaert Fiber Technologies) and Greg Stock (Director of Engineering at Worley Netherlands) will be contributing to the table discussion with a video pitch."

Facilitating the table discussion will be host Jerre Maas, once again joined by VoltaChem’s own Martijn de Graaff as co-host. 
“We are proud to team up with Community member and key collaboration partner Johnson Matthey in the preparation of this edition. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we could not take up their offer to broadcast from the Johnson Matthey premises in the UK but we will broadcast this talk show live from from the Energy & Health Campus in Petten (NL), the location of one of Europe's largest electrolyzer research facilities and the central hub of TNO's hydrogen R&D activities.” 

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