VoltaChem calls for participation: electrocatalytic production of chemicals


iStock_000028955018_Double.jpgOver the last months Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem has been busy developing technical roadmaps and business cases for electrification opportunities in the chemical industry and with applying for innovation funds to secure its groundbreaking research. Currently VoltaChem offers several opportunities for global leaders in the fields of electricity, conversion, equipment and end products to participate in its program line Power-2-Chemicals. Specifically: electrocatalytic production of chemicals.

Call for participation electrocatalytic production of chemicals

Currently (winter of 2015) VoltaChem calls for participants in the following projects:

  1. Short-term project: 'Highly selective electrochemical oxidations for specialty applications'. Aim: improve the efficiency of existing oxidative transformations of alcohols to acids using readily available technology.
  2. Long-term project: ‘Development and application of electrocatalysts for direct reduction of CO2'. Aim: apply electrocatalysts from worldwide academic research in applied result-oriented research

Within these projects VoltaChem aims to translate the earlier obtained knowledge into scalable process technology and to invest in bench-scale facilities (1-10 liter per hour throughput) in which the first steps of scale-up of these processes can be studied.​

Outlook program line Power-2-Chemicals

Improve selectivity and efficiency of chemistry

The figure above illustrates the implementation outlook of VoltaChem’s Power-2-Chemicals program line. In this line chemical conversions are promoted by using electricity through electrochemistry. With this line VoltaChem aims to improve selectivity and efficiency of chemistry (green chemistry) on short-term whilst promoting the use of sustainable electricity in direct chemical conversion of CO2 and biobased feedstock (circularity) into valuable products and intermediates on long-term.

Upcoming calls for participation Power-2-Chemicals

In the near future VoltaChem is expected to call for participants in Power-2-Chemicals projects concerning the:

  1. selective conversion of alcohols to aldehydes;
  2. selectivity and efficiency in C-C coupling for improving business cases;
  3. integration of electrolyzer technology and downstream processing;
  4. son-aqueous and extreme conditions for improving selectivity and efficiency.

As such, VoltaChem and partners obtain knowledge about efficient (electro)catalyzed chemistry using renewable feedstock and energy as input and high-value products and intermediates as output. Furthermore, we will obtain total process understanding, including further development and integration of existing electrolyzer and downstream processing technology. The combination of this knowledge with the experimental facilities at bench-scale ensures a smooth development trajectory toward implementation of the Power-2-Chemicals concept.

Contact our business developers & join VoltaChem’s Community

  • Do you want to receive in-depth information on the opportunities to participate in one or more of these projects concerning Power-2-Chemicals? Please contact Martijn de Graaff.
  • In case you're interested in the opportunities to participate in our projects concerning Power-2-Heat or Power-2-Hydrogen please contact Yvonne van Delft.
  • Please also note VoltaChem's Community on the electrification of the chemical industry where partners and relevant stakeholders of the Shared Innovation Program come together to exchange views on the topic, collaboratively maintain the long-term roadmap and work together on specific high-level non-technical projects.

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