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VoltaChem community increases understanding of strategic and business opportunities

In 2018 the VoltaChem Community will further focus on understanding the business and strategic relevance of industrial electrification on short- and long-term to help members and stakeholders make the right decisions. Multiple events will be organized for our members, some together with other initiatives, and dedicated bilateral advice will be given based on the latest international insights in technology and policy. Interested in joining? Please let us know!

VoltaChem Community: What’s in it for you?

VoltaChem Community is a business platform for open innovation and cross-fertilization in the energy, chemical & equipment sector focused on industrial electrification. It brings together stakeholders from all relevant sectors in an exclusive forum, focusing on understanding worldwide technology and policy developments in the field of Power-2-X, and their business implications.  Members of the VoltaChem community are first to receive the latest insights into technological developments and market opportunities. Access is given to relevant events and reports, as well as offering you bilateral consulting on your specific situation. With ever-increasing pressure on CO2 reduction and the opportunity for renewable energy supply, VoltaChem Community makes it easy to stay on top of developments.

Introducing our new Community manager: Monique Rijkers

Since January 2018, the role of VoltaChem Community manager has been taken over by Monique Rijkers, currently working in the Strategic Business Analysis group at TNO. Monique has a background in innovation management and commercial-strategic program management at AkzoNobel and TNO. She has been working on transition issues at global and local scale and is well connected to multiple energy and chemistry related activities. Former community manager Robert de Kler will still be active in VoltaChem and its community as senior technical and value chain consultant focusing on electrification, CCU, and hydrogen solutions. As the community manager, Monique will send out regular updates on plans and ideas within VoltaChem Community in 2018.

Community activities in 2018

Members of the Voltachem Community get special access to closed member-events which will be held four times a year at various locations. We host these events at the sites of members to inspire and facilitate the exchange of ideas. Next, to these community events, we will participate in collaborative events and organize the annual Voltachem event in Q4. These activities will be planned in the coming weeks and will be announced in time. So, mark your agenda’s and we look forward to meeting you there.

Month Date / Location Topic
March 29th Topic: Electrification potential in The Netherlands & Europe - implications for feedstock, energy and sustainability.
Level: Business / Strategic
May TBD Topic: Regional piloting & scale-up – fieldlabs for electrification.
Level: Technical / Operational
September TBD Topic: International sustainable energy transport – implications of new technology on international supply chains.
Level: Business / Strategic
November TBD Topic: Opportunities of flexible and hybrid power-2-heat solutions.
Level: Technical / Operational

Community meeting No 1: European and Dutch industrial electrification potential

This year’s first Community meeting will take place on March 29th, focusing on the industrial electrification potential in The Netherlands & Europe - implications for feedstock, energy, and sustainability. In 2017 VoltaChem joined forces with Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, and Energy, to develop quantitative deep decarbonization scenarios through electrification of the production of basic materials and fuels in the Netherlands in the year 2050. In this collaboration, three what-if scenarios were developed and compared against the current situation, looking at technical feasibility, required feedstock, energy potential, and pros and cons of different electrification pathways in the energy-intensive industry. These scenarios were quantitatively modeled including long-term electrification options ranging from direct electrification, hydrogen, and biobased sourcing to carbon capture and storage. Results of this study will be discussed in the Voltachem Community meeting by our experts Robert de Kler and Toon van Harmelen. Based on these findings, our community member Ewald Breunesse, who is involved in the Energy Transition Plan activities with Shell Nederland, will translate the research findings to practical implications and perspectives for Shell.

Community VoltaChem

Interested in joining? 

For companies that are considering joining as a new member, we offer the opportunity to attend one community session free-of-charge to determine the added value of membership. If you are interested in this offer, please send an email to Monique Rijkers and include your motivation for attending. Any other questions about membership are welcome as well.

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