VoltaChem is partner of ‘Conference on CO2-based Fuels and Chemicals 2023’ 19-20 April in Cologne, Germany.


VoltaChem is partner of ‘Conference on CO2-based Fuels and Chemicals 2023’ 19-20 April in Cologne, Germany.At the conference, new and leading players will demonstrate novel and improved applications based on the use of CO2 as feedstock providing a comprehensive perspective on CCU. Starting from innovation and strategy to develop and implement innovative CCU technologies over regulation and policy framework to carbon capture, Power-to-Fuels as well as CO₂-to-Chemicals, polymers, materials and minerals conversion.

Experts from industry and research will discuss the wide range of possibilities for using CO2 as an industrial raw material. In this way, the presented technologies and projects offer important instruments for the avoidance of harmful emissions, for the development of a renewable circular economy and are therefore considered key factors in the successful fight against climate change. The content will cover the entire supply and value chain for carbon capture and utilisation (power-to-X) from capture to use in fuels and other products. 

VoltaChem CCU expert / and TNO researcher Elena Perez Gallent, will talk about ‘Process Intensification of CCU Technologies: Integration of CO₂ Capture with Electrochemical CO₂ Conversion Towards Added Value Products’, within the session Power-2-X. 

Valorisation of CO2 via electrochemical conversions is a sustainable alternative for the production of fine chemicals and commodity chemicals. This topic has gained a lot of attention in the past decades and major research efforts have been put into it. Key advances has been achieved in the field of material  development,  where,  novel  catalysts  have  been  synthesized,  developed  and  have demonstrated to increase the efficiency and selectivity towards the targeted products. Relatively to the large number of studies focused on material development, limited studies are focused on process development, reactor optimisation and product separation. Although material development is of paramount importance to achieve an adequate electrochemical reaction performance, it is only the first step needed in order to develop a competitive technology. Process development offers the possibility of enhancing the overall performance of the technology by looking not only at the reaction level, but finding engineering solutions to overcome critical limitations. Process development is essential in order to accelerate the technology towards its envisioned application and advance towards commercial realization.  

At the conference Elena will present some process intensification strategies (beyond material development) that helped increase the overall performance of CO2 conversion processes, as well as  the economic profitability of the complete system. These strategies are based on integration of different units of operation. More specifically, integration of the CO2 capture process with the CO2 electrochemical conversion towards several products, integration of CO2 electrochemical conversion with product separation, and integration of CO2 electrolysis with fermentation process where the electrochemically produced chemical will be used as feedstock. With these examples, she will show the importance of considering the entire value chain when advancing in the TRL ladder of a certain technology, in order to accelerate its implementation in the industry. 

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