VoltaChem project to match processes with electrification technologies started


iStock_000063540085_XXXLarge.jpgVoltaChem, together with partners Arkema, OCI Nitrogen, AkzoNobel, Dow, Stedin, has recently started the E-Match project: 'Hit list for Electrification; Matching Processes with Electrification Technologies'. The project aims at identifying those processes in the Netherlands most suitable for electrification.

This will lead to a list of best options for the total Dutch chemical industry in order to supply the relevant insights for strategic decision-making within the chemical industry, for technology developers, electricity companies and policy makers.

Systematic study of the entire Dutch chemical industry

The project aims at doing a study of the entire Dutch chemical industry, targeting the processes in a systematic way. Here, different classes of electric processes (Power-2-Heat, Power-2-Hydrogen, Power-2-Chemicals) are at various implementation levels (unit operation level, utility level, process level).

The E-Match project will address the following research questions:

  1. Which classes of electrification and which classes of chemical industries need to be considered in order to be able to perform a systematic scan to identify the potential of the electrification of processes?
  2. Which classes of electrification can be applied for the processes considered in the scanning study?
  3. What is a realistic potential of electrification of the chemical industry and what is the impact on the energy system in terms of flexibilisation, CO2 reduction and diversification?

Supply of renewable electricity is expected to increase sharply

In the future the supply of renewable electricity is expected to increase sharply, from 44 PJ in 2013 to 236 PJ in 2030 and increasing more thereafter. Being such a large energy consumer, the Dutch chemical industry is expected to use a significant share of this renewable electricity. Although some promising business opportunities arise from recent studies, there is a need for translation on strategic level of the actors involved, which can be publicly shared.

List of chemical processes in the Netherlands most suitable for electrification

The project will provide a list of chemical processes in the Netherlands most suitable for electrification (Hit list) and the technologies used and a first estimate of the potential impact of electrification on the Dutch energy system in terms of electricity used and the flexible portion therein.

For more information about the E-Match project please contact Yvonne van Delft, Innovation Manager VoltaChem.

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