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05-11-2018 | Event report | P2Fuels | P2Chemicals

Workshop Power-2-Fuels: ”Fuel for thought”; a promising start by connecting perspectives

On September 6th Voltachem organized together with SmartPort and TNO the workshop Power-2-Fuels: “Fuel for thought”. This workshop, taking place in Delft, aimed to set the stage for the topic of Power-to-Fuels and see what role these fuels could play in the different transport sectors: heavy road transport, shipping, and aviation. Together with 19 different companies, ranging from fuel producers to main ports and end users, the opportunities for these fuels were established. It became clear that "Power-2-Fuels is crucial for the future of shipping and aviation" but that clear steps towards application are still lacking.

The workshop revealed a number of specific needs. The most important need was clarity about what the innovation trajectory of synthetic fuels should look like and what is needed for such innovations to take shape. 

What is Power-2-Fuels? 

Power-to-X fuel, Power-to-Fuels or E-fuels all indicate the various fuels that are produced from green electricity and (usually) CO2. Biomass could serve as an alternative carbon source but is often indicated as Bio-to-X or synthetic biofuels. On the long-term the prospect of utilizing CO2 from the air and converting it - based on renewable resources to a useful product - is promising.  

With the current demand from the general public, governments and individual companies to become more sustainable, a search for options for the long-distance transport sector is becoming more pressing. Power-to-fuels offer potential: sustainable fuels that resemble current technology and (potentially) do not have the resource scarcity often found with biobased fuels.

Different angles, different needs  
During the workshop, the development of P-2-Fuels was discussed from different points-of-view. From a fuel production side, the current state-of-the-art of synthetic fuel development was elaborated. Both from an engine and vehicle production side the necessary adjustments for the usage of different fuels was highlighted and from an end-user perspective, the current pilots and early adoption of various sustainable and P-2-Fuels were detailed. 

Three main conclusions 

Based on the following discussion with the attendants, the three main points were addressed: 

  • At this moment an overview of the required steps in the transition is missing. This is necessary to be able to carry loads of it together. 
  • The topic of Power to Fuels is internationally orientated. A lot is happening in neighboring countries and research and development should be aligned on a major topic like this. Both for technology development as for a possible choice in energy carriers. 
  • Finding the common denominator between the different end-user sectors is interesting. Large bulk quantities will increase the efficiency of production. A logical, first, synergy to pursue is the combination between automotive and aviation. 

Surrounding the discussion was the view that consistent policy was necessary to maintain a level playing field within the EU and the world. For more detailed results of the workshop, please contact Mathieu Baas. 

Examining next steps 

In the coming period, Voltachem will continue with the topic of Power-2-Fuels. Getting a clear picture of what the transition will look like and what steps need to be taken in this innovation traject, will be the main priority. In collaboration with interested parties, the more concrete first steps will be defined. 


Are you interested in what Power-to-Fuels can offer your company? Are you interested in taking a concrete first step or do you want to see and know more about Voltachem’s activities? Join us at the Voltachem Annual event during the Industry & Energy Congress: “When electrons power molecules” and visit the workshop on Power-2-Fuels. For more information, you can contact Mathieu Baas with these or any other questions. 

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