Call for participation: Flagship Program Integrated CO2 capture and electrochemical conversion

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Call for participation: Flagship Program Integrated CO2 capture and electrochemical conversion

Together with partners from industry, VoltaChem is developing a Flagship Program with the goal to develop breakthrough technologies that will make it possible to integrate CO2 capture and electrochemical processes. In this program, shared research will be developed on how to integrate CO2 capture with CO2 electrolysis and downstream processing in a step-by-step approach.

VoltaChem is looking for partners to develop this Flagship Program via a step-by-step approach, starting with the 'simple' molecule formic acid. 


A chemistry based on CO2 as feedstock will open up new routes for chemicals production and valorization of CO2. From this wide landscape of possibilities, our VoltaChem team dedicated its efforts to identifying and pursuing some of the most promising business cases.

The approach that we are taking is the integration of novel technologies in the development of a technological chain from a CO2 emitter and utilizing renewable electricity to a versatile chemical building block.
Combining the expertise on the CO2 capture technologies and the electrochemical CO2 utilization technology, we defined a platform technology based on the CO2 capture directly integrated with the electrolysis to produce chemical building blocks. This technology has the potential to decrease both the capital costs by reducing the number of operational units as well as the operational costs for the process as compared to the decoupled CO2 capture and CO2 conversion.


The goal of this Flagship Program is to develop breakthrough technologies that will make it possible to integrate CO2 capture and electrochemical conversion processes. We will start with the “simple” molecule formic acid (the ‘red’ route) and based upon experience and knowledge gained will continue to develop other chemicals for the chemical industry (the ‘yellow’ route). Over the past five years, we developed a process to reduce CO2 to formic acid which can be used as feedstock for the process industry or for fermentation processes. 









  • 2020:  Set outline of the program; filed patents of breakthrough technology
  • 2021:  Launch of the program with international leading partners; deliver high-level technology roadmap
  • 2022:  Evaluate technical feasibility of the main selected business cases
  • 2023:  Proof of system in the Fieldlab for one of the selected business cases
  • 2025: Demonstration under relevant conditions (TRL 5) of one of the selected business cases

Call for participation

To develop this Flagship Program we would like to work with: 

  • Technology developers and equipment manufacturers interested in developing electrochemical processes:
    • Anode, cathode, and electrolyte manufacturers and producers.
    • Electrochemical reactor developers.
  • Technology developers with a focus on CO2 capture processes.
  • Companies active in the process industry and companies in terested to develop fermentation processes.
  • CO2 emitting companies (power generation, process industry, waste industry).

By joining in this Flagship Program, you tap into the experiences of our VoltaChem Program and of leading companies in the respective fields. You will benefit from the combined knowledge of the participating companies, VoltaChem and its founding partner TNO. 

Interested? Contact us! 

If you are interesting in developing this Flagship Program together with us, or would like to know more, please reach out to Willem Frens (contact details below).

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