Call for participation: Solid Oxide Electrolysis - Next Level / Upscaling project

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Call for participation: Solid Oxide Electrolysis - Next Level / Upscaling project

VoltaChem, its founding partner TNO and ISPT are looking for industrial partners that are interested in the development of Solid Oxide Electrolyzer (SOE) technology. The envisioned project is aimed at scaling up SOE technology and consists of three activities: Exploring application areas and possibilities for process integration; Exploring GW-scale conceptual design; Implementation.

VoltaChem, TNO and ISPT are developing a new area of electrolyzer technology for hydrogen and other chemicals (combined) production and this project will help to take this to the next level. As it is envisioned to fund part of the project activities through Dutch national funding (RVO), the focus will be on the application of SOE technology in the Netherlands. 

Scoping and program coherence

  • Agile project with the duration of 1 year
  • Total financing (public/private): € 400.000 - € 700.000
  • Feasibility/engineering study and strategy development
  • Part of the SOE developments at VoltaChem and the current Hydrohub Innovation Program at ISPT


There are a few main areas we would like to explore together with you regarding the SOE development. These are:

  • Explore application areas and possibilities for process integration of SOE in the Industrial clusters in The Netherlands.
  • Explore a GW-scale conceptual design of a steam electrolyser plant fit for purpose
  • Develop technology implementation roadmap towards GW-scale Steam electrolysis to shorten time to market


Within these areas we will be working on the following activities: 

1. Explore application areas and possibilities for process integration 

  •  Focus on 4 applications: steel, chemical, fertilizer, e-fuel .
  • Integration options within industrial cluster with respect to Waste Heat integration, Circular carbon, Renewable electricity
  • Product analysis: Hydrogen, CO, syngas, C-looping 
  • Specify requirements from industrial end users 

2. Explore GW-scale conceptual design

  • Analyze different industrial (cluster) sites
  • High-level baseline design of the system and key parameters
  • Benchmarking with alternative technologies 


  • Define steppingstones towards GW scale  and cost reduction
  • Roadmap towards industrial application of SOE in NL

Call for partners

In this project we are mainly looking for industrial partners who are active in one of the following areas

  • Steel
  • Fertilizers
  • Chemical

Interested? Contact us!

If you are interested in participating in dit project, please reach out to Lennart van der Burg (contact details below). 

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