CO2 Utilisation: Power-2-Formic Acid

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CO2 Utilisation: Power-2-Formic Acid CO2 Utilisation: Power-2-Formic Acid


Using green energy biogenic CO2 can be converted into formic acid. This molecule can function as an energy carrier, an hydrogen source, a fuel or a chemical feedstock. The “Power 2 Formic Acid” Joint Industry Project aims to develop the process innovations to bring an electrochemical reactor and pilot system closer to the market. The project is conducted under the VoltaChem shared innovation program by a consortium of TNO, TU Delft, Coval Energy, Team Fast, CE Delft and Mestverwerking Friesland, supported financially by RVO.


The goal is to develop a commercially viable continuous electrochemical system where CO2 from e.g. biomass is converted to formic acid. This is done using electricity predominately obtained from renewable intermittent energy sources (wind, solar and biomass). In this way it contributes to the electrification of the industry and increasing the flexibility of the energy system.


  • Development of optimized electrochemical reactor
  • Design and construction of high pressure continuous test setup
  • Modeling, testing, optimization and scaleup
  • Techno-economic evaluation and Life Cycle Analyses

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