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The previously completed E-match project concluded that electrification can have a large impact on the CO2 reduction of the ethylene production. Power-to-Heat technologies for high temperatures (> 200 ° C) are necessary to use this potential of electrification for the chemical industry. Electric cracking is an important option to make the ethylene production more sustainable. With the current international developments there is a growing interest from industry in this technology. Electric cracking has become a prominent topic in the trilateral ARRA cooperation between the major industrial regions in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.


At the moment it is not known exactly what the state-of-the-art of electric cracking is and what expertise Voltachem has at its disposal for further research. The desired result of this project is that there is a good picture of the potential of electric cracking and the relevant research questions Voltachem can pursue. Further development of electric cracking requires test infrastructure to demonstrate the technique on the desired scale so a conceptual test design is aimed for.


  • Knowledge in the field of electric cracking and expand the application;
  • Identify R&D questions that fit in with the Voltachem expertise;
  • A conceptual design of an experimental facility for testing electric cracking.

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