H2020 SPIRE2 PERFORM - Platform Power

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H2020 SPIRE2 PERFORM - Platform Power H2020 SPIRE2 PERFORM - Platform Power


Process industries in the EU are at a tipping point and now have the opportunity to strengthen and expand their competitive position by moving to electrochemical processes based on biomass as a feedstock, therefore having low carbon footprints while also having advantages over thermochemical processes. Such advantages include higher selectivity and elimination of the harsh operating conditions required for conventional processing. These advantages have led to a growing interest in the electrochemical processing of biobased feedstocks and new innovative chemistries, but scale-up of these technologies, as will be done in this project, is still a hurdle that needs to be overcome. This H2020 project with 12 partners has been granted by the EU and will start in 2019.


The construction of a highly flexible pilot plant incorporating advanced integrated electrochemical technologies which allow for, among others, the valorization of biomass and efficient use of fluctuating electricity supplies in the production of performance materials. Two showcase processes will demonstrate how electrochemistry will lead to a highly improved position of European chemicals companies through increased process selectivity, low carbon footprints, and decreased overall costs.


  • Advanced electrochemistry materials, electrodes, electrolytes and reactors
  • Advanced processes and system integration
  • TRL6 pilot with two showcases

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