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Industrial Hybrid Energy Systems Industrial Hybrid Energy Systems


The demand for high temperature heat in industrial processes contributes for 25% of our national primary energy demand and 95% is provided by fossil resources. Hybrid (gas-electric) industrial heating systems offer a large potential to provide for the growing demand for flexibility in the electricity system.


The project has several objectives. The first is unlocking the Demand Response (DR) potential in industry to support the growth of variable renewable electricity; Secondly it is important to maximize the techno-economic feasibility of flexible hybrid (gas-electric) heating systems in an industrial setting.


  • A calculation tool for flexibility that optimizes the value of DR and gives support to investment decisions;
  • A pilot project in industry that serves as example for other potential applications;
  • Testing and optimization of a flexible hybrid utility in representative industrial conditions;
  • Validated business case for flexibility and electrification of industrial heating processes.

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