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For the chemical industry, electrification is one of the most important options to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. The production of hydrogen by means of electrolysis offers an alternative for current energy-intensive processes (i.e. reformer). The chemical industry is very interested in sustainable hydrogen to replace "fossil" hydrogen and production of intermediates from sustainable hydrogen. To enable a large scale sustainable hydrogen production, electrolyzers must be scaled-up, while the cost must be drastically reduced and the technology more flexible to accommodate an intermittent supply of renewable electricity.


The main goal is to develop cost efficient robust performing electrolyzer systems for P2X applications, aiming towards demonstration in energy intensive industrial fuel and chemicals production and large scale energy storage application:

  • Cost efficient electrolyzer system with a CAPEX target of < 1000 €/kWe
  • Flexible operation electrolyzer system (turn-down ratio, ramp-rate, start-up)
  • Scale-up to large capacity (> MWe) electrolyzer system
  • NL-industry as electrolyzer component supplier


An optimised 50 kW PEMWE stack & system:

  • A conceptual design for 1 MW hydrogen production system.
  • Development of a demonstration project including location selection and business case.
  • Knowledge and infrastructure to conduct life-time testing of electrolyzer components available for Dutch companies.

Call for participation

Project participation: looking for industrial observer partners

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