Paired Electrosynthesis of Specialty Chemicals

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Paired Electrosynthesis of Specialty Chemicals Paired Electrosynthesis of Specialty Chemicals


The increasing amount of renewable wind and solar derived electrical energy offers great possibilities for the industrial production of hydrogen, the conversion of renewable raw materials (eg biomass, CO2) to added value chemicals and fuels. Crucial for the energy system of the future is the integration with energy storage and conversion to balance the energy system. The overall VoltaChem program aims for the continuation and piloting of industrial relevant electrification technology. Important considerations are the combination with biomass and the so-called carbon capture and utilization.


The main objective of the paired electrosynthesis project is to accelerate the development and implementation of industrial electrification. Focus is on technology development of electrochemical conversions where a valuable product is created both on the anode and cathode of an electrochemical cell. This increases overall system efficiency and lowers energy demand. Optimal reactor configurations for multiphase electrochemical reactions are determined and proof of concepts for paired electrosynthesis, including technoeconomical models, are established.


  • Electrochemical test infrastructure for continuous electrolysis
  • Paired electrosynthesis setup combining electrochemical CO2 utilization with biomass upgrading (furfural, lactic acid, glycerol, HMF etc. to feedstocks for bio plastics)

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