Power-2-Fuels Value Chain Innovation

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Power-2-Fuels Value Chain Innovation

VoltaChem, TNO and SmartPort, together with market parties, conducted a study of over a year into the most promising e-fuels for heavy transport applications and their deployment.


To realize the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement, drastically greener modes of transport are needed. Electric vehicles can be considered the preferred solution for short distances and light vehicles (e.g. passenger cars, urban mobility concepts). E-fuels have been identified as a potential solution to make heavy duty transport (road, air, water) more sustainable. However, there is a need for more clarity about which e-fuels will be suitable for which modality, and about what is needed to shape such innovations throughout the value chain.


Enable market parties, knowledge institutes, and governments to take informed decisions about innovation strategies and/or investments around e-fuels.


In terms of costs, the differences between the various e-fuels turn out to be relatively small; hydrogen is the most economical fuel to produce, but higher distribution and powertrain costs level out this advantage. To make heavy, long-distance transport more sustainable, a drastic increase in e-fuel production and associated infrastructure is needed.This requires steps forward in R&D, production, infrastructure for distribution and fueling, vehicle adaptation, and supporting legal frameworks and regulations. Parties throughout the value chain need to join forces to achieve this.The results of the Power-2-Fuels project have been published in the whitepaper E-fuels: towards a more sustainable future for truck transport, shipping and aviation.

Call for participation

The next phase of Power-2-Fuels is follow-up study CHAIN. This project looks at the international dimension of the transition to e-fuels in the period 2030-2050 and its consequences for large industrial clusters. Companies interested in contributing to CHAIN are invited to contact us.

Core project partners

  • SmartPort
  • TNO
  • Deltalinqs Climate Program
  • DMT Environmental Technology
  • EICB
  • Enviu
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • NLR
  • MKC
  • Port of Amsterdam
  • VIV

Interested? Contact us! 

If you would like to know more about the results of the Power-2-Fuels study, or are interested in participating in the follow-up study CHAIN, please reach out to Martijn de Graaff or Monique Rijkers (contact details below). 

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Program Director VoltaChem

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Business Development Power-2-Integrate & Community Manager

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