In the Power-2-Chemicals program line, we work to the direct electrosynthesis of chemical building blocks and higher value products using conventional and sustainable feedstock (e.g. CO2, biomass-derived). The main challenges that are addressed are the development of electrochemical routes, scaling up reactor (items), reducing capital costs for electrochemical cells, increasing energy density and selectivity, choosing & using catalysts and downstream processing.

Power-to-chemicals focuses on:

  • Electro-organic synthesis using electro-oxidation and electro-reduction to convert renewable feedstock (e.g. biobased furfural, HMF, alcohols) to specialty chemical building blocks.
  • Electro-reduction of CO2 to C1 building blocks, focusing on Formic Acid, CO and Ethylene as key (drop-in) feedstock for other reactions.
  • Paired electrosynthesis where a product is produced at both cathode and anode of the electrochemical cell.
  • Alternatives for electrochemistry in conversion with electricity as the energy source, e.g. photochemistry and plasma-chemistry

Voltachem’s short, medium and long term objectives are shown in the table below.

A typical approach for the full development of electrochemical processes can be decided in several phases:

  • Literature study and expert opinion phase;
  • Electrochemical system development;
  • Design and development of electrochemical process (including downstream processing as well as techno-economic evaluation studies);
  • System integration, pilot construction;
  • Pilot testing

The total duration time is typically 3-5 years. In some cases, VoltaChem is only contracted for one or more of the phases indicated below

A few of the projects currently running can be found here.

Erwin Giling

Program Management


Earl Goetheer

Technical lead Power-2-Chemicals

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