In the Power-2-Heat program line, we work on the use of electricity to generate or upgrade heat and steam for efficient use in chemical processes. The main challenges that are addressed are optimization between efficiency and costs, flexibility (e.g. load following, start-up/shutdown), integration, and increasing the operating temperature compared to existing systems.

Power-2-Heat focuses on:

  • Use of renewable electricity as a source to upgrade heat and steam, e.g. electricity from wind, solar and hydro.
  • High-temperature compression heat pumps.
  • A combination of heat and cold storage.
  • Alternative concepts for heat generation & upgrading, e.g. electrical heating, electric cracking, steam compression & multifunctional heat pumps.
  • Flexible Integration of Power-2-Heat technologies with the electricity grid. 

Voltachem’s short, medium and long term objectives are shown in the table below.

A typical approach for the full development of Power-2-Heat technologies can be divided into several phases:

  • Literature study and expert opinion phase;
  • Inventory of process heat demand;
  • Design and development of power-2-heat technologies
  • System integration, pilot construction;
  • Pilot testing at the CARNOT lab

A few of the projects currently running can be found here.

Robert de Boer

Technical lead Power-2-Heat

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