In the Power-2-Hydrogen program line we work on technology to produce green hydrogen from renewable energy and on further chemical conversion towards valuable chemicals (e.g. methanol, ammonia, formic acid). The main challenges that are addressed in this program line are the development of low-cost electrolyzers, low-cost manufacturing and engineering, flexibility (e.g. load following, start-up/shutdown) and the development of financially attractive follow-up chemical conversions.

Power-2-Hydrogen focuses on: 

  1. Developing the supply chain off PEM water electrolysis in cooperation with component manufacturers. Get involved and join our Community of Practice
  2. New concepts enabling the use of mass fabrication technologies of electrolyzer (e.g. roll-to-roll manufacturing).
  3. Together with the industry, we are initiating pilot and demonstration projects. See link for the ongoing project and current call for participation
  4. Use of renewable raw materials (e.g. water, N2 & CO2) as feedstock for chemical & fuels production.

A few of the projects currently running can be found here

Voltachem’s short, medium and long term objectives are shown in the table below.

Why developing the water electrolysis supply chain?


Reasons to join the Community of Practice 

Suppliers needs

Service offered by Voltachem

Understanding the (material) challenges and state-of-the-art components Provide a functional description of the cell with respect to performance and durability

Access to infrastructure and knowledge of characterization of components

Provide infrastructure, knowledge, and procedures for testing and characterization

Understanding market and market risks

Joint analysis of markets on a component level

A transparent joint IP strategy

Arrange IP contracts in an early stage, strong focus on roles in supply chain

Practical methods to assess the durability of components

Development of accelerated stress testing procedures

Interested? Please contact

Yvonne van Delft

Program management Power-2-Heat & Power-2-Hydrogen

+31 6 124 105 83

Arend de Groot

Technical lead Power-2-Hydrogen

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