Electrification of the Chemical Industry


Applied knowledge institutes TNO and ECN, together with industrial and academic partners, founded VoltaChem at the request of The Netherlands’ Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Topsector Chemicals.


TNO is an independent research organization that connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the competitive strength of industry and the well-being of society in a sustainable way. This is our mission and it is what drives us, the 3,000 professionals at TNO, in our work every day. We work in collaboration with partners and focus on five transitions that we have identified together with our stakeholders: Industry; Healthy Living; Defence, Safety & Security; Urbanisation and Energy.

TNO contributes to the VoltaChem program with its extensive experience, knowledge, infrastructure and network on:

  1. (Electro)chemistry
  2. Advanced process technology
  3. Material science and technology
  4. Strategic Business Analysis

For more information, please visit: www.tno.nl


Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) is the largest energy research institute in the Netherlands. With around 500 members of staff, we are active in projects both national and international, in joint efforts with industry, government authorities and research institutes. We do this from our locations in Petten, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Brussels and China. ECN’s research has a major influence on day-to-day life. In this, we perform an important role for the society of today and the future.

ECN contributes to the VoltaChem program with its extensive experience, knowledge, infrastructure and network on:

  1. Heat upgrading technology
  2. Hydrogen technology
  3. Process technology
  4. Energy policy studies

For more information, please visit: www.ecn.nl

Topsector Chemicals

The topsector Chemicals aims to work on solutions for large societal challenges. The grand Societal Challenges – as mentioned in the ambitious program Horizon 2020 of the European Commission. The topsector focuses on seven challenges: health, food, energy, transport, climate and feedstock. As most challenges cover multiple disciplines, the topsector foresees large opportunities in collaborating with other sectors.

The VoltaChem program is directly linked to the roadmap “Chemical Conversion, Process Technology and Synthesis” of the topsector Chemicals.

For more information, please visit: www.topsectorchemie.nl

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VoltaChem Community Members & Associates

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Topsector Chemistry
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University of Twente
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Mestverwerking Friesland
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