Electrification of the Chemical Industry


Due to the increasing complexity of products and systems, and accelerating progress in physics, chemistry, materials, engineering, etc., R&D costs are growing faster than company revenues. This is why the goal of open innovation is to share ideas, efforts, costs and risks, and to reduce time to market for new process and product innovation.

At VoltaChem, partners complement their own exclusive R&D with shared R&D, leveraging each other's talents and know-how in a well-structured and professional corporate R&D-like setting. Typically, VoltaChem results are shared on a non-exclusive basis between program partners according to customized agreements, tuned to each partner's needs and situation.

Whenever appropriate, VoltaChem also facilitates more dedicated research trajectories. We often do this to speed up the technology transfer and industrial uptake of results obtained in shared research, that have reached a higher technology readiness level. Also, this model helps in our collaborations with SMEs who typically have a shorter R&D horizon. For these collaborations, dedicated partnership and IP agreements are discussed with the companies involved.

Participation models

  1. Community participation: Exclusive discussion group, roadmap updates, high-level results and (inter)national events.
  2. Shared R&D participation: Pre-competitive R&D within a collaborative program with a duration of 2-4 years. Participants get rights to the results and can influence and change the scope of the program along the way.
  3. Sponsored project: Pre-competitive linear development; small projects with predefined scope/time/budget. Participants get rights to the results and determine the scope upfront.
  4. Commissioned project: Exclusive bilateral project with pre-defined scope/time/budget.
  5. Indirect research collaboration: The VoltaChem program participates in publicly funded consortium projects and fundamental research programs. The funding rules of the specific programs determine the rights to the results.

Do you want to find out more about VoltaChem and how your company can participate and benefit? Please contact us! We are more than happy to discuss your needs and interest in the program and find out how we can work together. 

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