Vacancy Business developer Green Hydrogen Production

About this position. As a business developer, you’ll work on developing and marketing new value propositions. With TNO's wide range of technical disciplines, system knowledge, and experience, you will support companies, industrial clusters, and institutions in the transition from fossil to sustainable material and energy management. 

What will be your role? 
The goal of the position is to develop and market our value propositions. In this position, your primary focus is on the further development and application of electrolysis technology for green hydrogen production. The development of electrolysis technology is still in its infancy. TNO plays a leading role globally in the further development of this technology towards more efficient, cheaper, and more sustainable electrolysers. This development is always in collaboration with Dutch and international companies. We do this in bilateral projects, but also in multi-partner projects and public-private partnerships such as VoltaChem, Electrolyzer Makersplatform, and ISPT Hydrohub.

For more information and to apply, check out the full job description on the TNO career page.


Unsolicited application: If the Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem appeals to you and if you are convinced that you would be a valuable addition to our team of dedicated researchers or business developers, then we invite you to send your resume and brief motivation to

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