Electrification of the Chemical Industry

15-06-2018 | Program update | P2Integrate

Connecting electrification technology to chemical value chains

To better suit the needs of the market and accelerate innovation, VoltaChem has decided to complement its technologically oriented activities with a focus on the three most impactful chemical value chains: Fuels, Fertilizers and Plastics. To engage these value chains, our business development focus will be on addressing the most crucial questions and drivers in each of these application areas. For this, multiple workshops will be organized in 2018 providing valuable input for our annual event in December.

Fuels, fertilizers and plastics
In the coming year, we will more integrally involve both key technologies and business guided choices in the development of the program. For the past years, Voltachem has focused mainly on its four program lines: Power-to-Heat, Power-to-Hydrogen, Power-to-Chemicals and Power-to-Integrate. These R&D development lines advance the technology necessary to accelerate implementation of industrial electrification. In the figure, these program lines are the horizontal bars.

These technologically oriented R&D activities will be complemented with a focus on the three most impactful chemical value chains: Fuels, Fertilizers and Plastics. These value chains represent the impact of the above technologies lines on current and future business and are represented by the vertical bars. Each intersection indicates the level of progress in research made in this area.


Focused workshops per value chain

To engage the mentioned value chains, Voltachem will focus its business development activities in the coming period on gathering the most crucial questions and business drivers in each of these application areas.  To get a clear view of the needs and vision per value chain and facilitate stakeholder interaction, we will organize together with partners - next to our closed exclusive community member meetings - three open interactive sessions for specific stakeholders from those value chains.

The first open workshop, focusing entirely on the Power-2-Fertilizers, was held during the NH3 event on May 17th. The other two workshops - addressing the fuels and plastics value chains – are scheduled in the second half of this year. Based on the results and the business interest in these workshops,  the VoltaChem program will consider starting dedicated business communities per value chain in 2019 as part of the VoltaChem community.

VoltaChem Annual event

The results of the value chain sessions will be shared and incorporated into our annual event program on December 13th at Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen (The Netherlands). The full program for this event will be presented shortly after the summer. If you are interested, please save the date

Below: Overview Voltachem events 2018  

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