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Flagship projects bring more focus to growing VoltaChem program

Flagship projects bring more focus to growing VoltaChem program

10-05-2021 | Program update

A lot has happened in the VoltaChem program in 2020, despite of the COVID-19 pandemic. "We achieved great results last year and started appealing projects" says program director Martijn de Graaff. "Electrification is clearly on the rise". In order to bring more focus to the growing VoltaChem portfolio, he draws a clear picture of the flagship projects that will start playing an important role.

VoltaChem in action: Growing significance of industrial electrification

VoltaChem in action: Growing significance of industrial electrification

17-03-2020 | Program update

Pushing technology development from research & innovation towards piloting and demonstration in an international context, that's what it's all about at VoltaChem. 2019 saw considerable growth in projects as well as in partners, and important steps have been made in important fields such as the conversion of biobased feedstocks to high-value chemical building blocks, the integrated capture and conv

Decarbonization and recarbonization

Decarbonization and recarbonization

07-11-2019 | Program update

The theme of the 2019 VoltaChem annual event is “Re-carbonizing the Chemical Industry by Electrification”. At VoltaChem's 5th anniversary, it brings to attention the importance of carbon, a key element in many products. Since we can't do without carbon, recarbonization is a crucial concept for realizing a sustainable economy.


Additional investments boost industrial electrification R&D

30-08-2018 | Program update

An additional €2 million will be invested by TNO in its industrial electrification activities within VoltaChem on top of the existing yearly contribution. This increase is the result of additional government investments in applied research by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and a recognition of the importance of the subject and the results attained so far. The funds will be invested in ac


Connecting electrification technology to chemical value chains

15-06-2018 | Program update

To better suit the needs of the market and accelerate innovation, VoltaChem has decided to complement its technologically oriented activities with a focus on the three most impactful chemical value chains: Fuels, Fertilizers and Plastics. To engage these value chains, our business development focus will be on addressing the most crucial questions and drivers in each of these application areas. For


Hybrid industrial energy systems: Kick-starting industrial electrification

22-01-2018 | Program update

One of the most promising short-term industrial electrification technologies is power-to-heat, the switch from gas- to electricity-based heat. As many industrial processes are driven by medium and high-temperature heat, changing its energy source to renewable power will immediately impact the industrial carbon footprint. In the VoltaChem program a group of companies, together with TNO and ECN, has

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