Inspiring Ammonia plant of the Future workshop at the NH3 event

03-06-2018 | Event report | P2Fertilizers

IMG_3645_(1).JPGOn 17th May at an inspiring location in the Rotterdam Zoo, VoltaChem organized a back-casting session at the 2nd European Power to Ammonia Conference; the NH3 event. During this session, the nearly 75 participants worked together in small groups on one of the two extreme scenarios of a future ammonia plant in the year 2050. Each team, delivered in only a short time an interesting timeline with many impressive results and actionable ideas.

Black and white scenarios

The teams received at random a future scenario to work with:

  1. The all-electric scenario tells us that all ammonia plants are completely new and produce ammonia from H2 from water and N2 from the air.
  2. The carbon-free scenario uses the existing assets as much as possible, however, they are not allowed to emit any CO2.

These purposely black and white scenarios were meant to trigger the participants and to think about the timeline from 2050 back to the year 2018 and to start ‘writing’ history. What changes occurred in our social lives? What technologies got devolved, where are changes in our economic or ecological system? Or was there a political shift?

After 30 minutes of brainstorming on the timeline 2050 to 2018, the teams elaborated on the questions: “What if this timeline and scenario are a reality?” and “What actions should we take in 2018 as Industry, as VoltaChem or as a country?”

The 15 teams, each with an average of 5 or 6 participants, worked enthusiastically together and valuable discussions took place. Each team delivered a qualitative timeline sketch and many relevant, profound and actionable ideas. Very inspiring!

Follow-up actions

To go through all the delivered input, review the ideas, and to produce a proper reflection on the outcome will take some effort. As soon as the data has been processed we will share and present the end results.

Interested in the full report of this Power-2-Fertilizers workshop about the Ammonia plant of the future, feel free to contact or

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